Our Process


Here at Kay Stewart Mediation we determine how best to help you with your mediation needs in the most cost effective and timely manner.



To start, contact our office by filling out our Contact Us Form. Once we have received your completed form we will contact you to discuss the next step in the process.

*Confidentiality: The information you provide to us is for the purposes of contacting you to discuss how we may be able to assist you with your family mediation. Please be advised at no time will a solicitor client relationship be formed.



Once we have contacted you to confirm your basic contact information, we will send you our MEDIATION INTAKE FORM which will include an intake form and our Agreement to Mediate. The intake form will provide the mediator with some background information about you and your family.

The Intake Form Package must be completed and returned to our office by email or fax as soon as possible. We will be unable to schedule an intake appointment without this information.

*Confidentiality: The information you provide is for the purposes of assisting you with your family mediation. Please be advised that at no time will a solicitor client relationship be formed.


Once we have received your completed Mediation Intake Form, the mediator will contact you to schedule an intake appointment. The mediator will first meet with each party individually, for approximately one to one and half hours.

During this intake appointment, the mediator will confirm the information enclosed in your completed mediation intake form and answer any questions you may have about the mediator’s services, the mediation agreement or the mediation process. The mediator will also discuss your mediation needs and receive additional information about your family. Depending on the issues being mediated, your intake appointment will range from one hour to one and a half hours.

*Fees associated – The fee for an Intake appointment is $300/hr plus HST, which is payable by each participant at the time of the Intake appointment.  This fee ONLY covers the scheduled Intake appointment and does not include any further services. This fee must be paid by the end of the Intake appointment by cheque, cash or VISA. 



Following the individual Intake appointments with each party, you will need to confirm with the mediator that you wish to proceed to mediation. If you decide to proceed to mediation, you will sign an Agreement to Mediate. The Agreement to Mediate will outline our relationship as well as the fees associated with the service we are providing you.


Once the Agreement to Mediate has been signed by each party, we will schedule the mediation. The mediator will contact your to schedule the mediation. Depending on the issues being mediated, your mediation will occur over several sessions with each session being approximately three hours in duration.

*Fees associated – The fee for mediation is $300/hr plus HST and disbursements, often shared equally between the parties. A financial retainer may be requested prior to the commencement of your mediation, at the discretion of the Mediator. The Agreement to Mediate and Fees associate with Mediation will cover ONLY the services listed in the Agreement to Mediate and will not cover any further services. This fee can be paid by cheque, cash or VISA at the end of each mediation session.